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Decide to do a charity run… Done
Start training… Done
Register  to do the run………oops

It seem in the hype of it all I managed to do it all besides the most important part.

Today’s task, find a run to take part in!!!


Winter munchies

As we creep more and more into the winter months I’m finding it harder and harder to stay on track with my healthy eating. To stick to the healthy meals is not so tough, I just find myself wanting to snack a lot more between meals. A lot of the time I am snacking on the wrong things.

I assume with winter comes the need for your body to keep itself warm, this may mean that it needs more energy than it did in the summer months, more warm meals.

I’m going to take some time and redo my eating plan to suit a more winter menu, once this is done ill post it so you all can see, and keep you all posting on if its helping with the snacking problems!


As most of you have probably been told nutrition is a very important part of anyone’s diet but if you want to be fit and HEALTHY nutrition has to play a major part in yours.

There is a huge difference between eating healthy and just eating things that are low in calories and fat. A slice of cracker bread for lunch might help you keep the weight off but it has no nutritional value to your body. If you’re going to put all the effort in trying to mould your body into a slimmer, healthier you why not take the time to eat the right things. Not only will this help with your weight loss goals it will give you the energy
to work harder at gym and keep you healthy especially through these flue ridden winter months.


I have put together a three week eating plan for myself, it keeps my meals healthy and fun. Because I rotate on a three week cycle I never get board of my diet. I also calculate the calorie content of every meal so I know how many calories I eat daily which has been great for my weight loss goals.


I have put mine together based on a 1400cal diet, I’m also a veggie so had to take that into account. Ill post my eating plan up this week so you can get an idea and I’ll share all my favourite websites for great meal ideas.

The training has eventually begun

After my last post I managed to get some weird virus and it put me out of gym for a few days. All is well now and I managed to do my first training session at the gym last night for my running challenge.


I have decided to approach the first two weeks in a more relaxed manor and instead of setting myself targets everyday on how far or long I should run on the treadmill I am going to set myself the “no look challenge”.

I’m sure I’ve got you all confused now, let me explain. I find every time I run on the treadmill I stare at the screen and either I keep thinking “oh no, its only been 2minutes I’m going to die” or “oh my word I’ve run for more then 2 minutes I must be tied by now” and ultimately a few seconds later I have reduced to a walk.


To avoid this I’m setting the “no look challenge”. I’m going to do my warm up and then set the treadmill to a
nice jogging pace, I’m not allowed to look at the screen from here on, just keep on jogging if I feel tied I’m going to see how far I can push through.


Let’s see how it goes.

A challenge within a challenge!

As you all are aware my overall challenge is to lose 20kg and be a healthier slimmer me. I have looked at different ways of keeping myself on track and motivated throughout the challenge and noticed that when I have set myself smaller goals within this challenge I have fulfilled them quiet quickly and it has felt great achieving these mini challenges.


Any mini challenge you set for yourself will keep you on track to your overall goal but it will add a little extra fun and fulfilling them will keep you motivated and inspired to achieve the ultimate goal!


I have come to notice that although I am losing weight my fitness is very low, obviously I’m more fit then I was when I started but i  still am in no shape to run a marathon or climb up Kilimanjaro if you know what I mean!


My next mini challenge I have decided to set for myself is a running challenge. I’m going to take part in a small 10km charity run. At the moment i can run for about two minutes on the treadmill before I feel like
I’m going to die.

The challenge is set, I’m going to increase my running fitness for a charity run early December. This will not only increase my fitness but will be a huge help towards the ultimate goal.


Wish me luck, the training begins tomorrow!


Any training tips are welcome!

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