The Sun is shining and summer seems to be on its way!

Vitamin D is probably the most important vitamin in my life at the moment, it is my little bit of happy juice. Growing up in a country that is for most part of the year warm and sunny I never knew how the weather played with my emotions until living in London. The experiences and culture are amazing and there is always something new happening but living without the sun for so many months really does something to you. I find myself grumpy and always complaining about something, it also takes away motivation to get out of bed.


The last few days have been sunny and summer seems to have arrived. You can see the changes a little bit of this extraordinary vitamin can do. People are smiling and less grumpy, they are walking, cycling and jogging to work, people want to get out of bed and make the most of these sunny days.


Life is good, when the sun shines!!!!


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