Happy Holidays

Firstly I would like to apologies for not posting in ages, it’s been a busy few weeks.

Last week I had my monthly weigh in and still on track to my goal but I must be honest not losing as fast as I would like to. I suppose with it getting colder and all the Christmas event is getting a little harder to stick to a healthy diet. During this time of the year we all need to take special care of what we eat, you don’t want to come back from the festive break and be right back where you started. If you’re going to snack try chose the healthier option. I’m going on a wonderful bus tour from London to Paris for Christmas, then Skiing in Switzerland and Germany and to Amsterdam for New Year’s. I want to try keep my diet as healthy as I can and have come us with 5 top tips to help me to get there.

1 – Everyone loves to take snack food on the bus but instead of chips and chocolates washed down with fizzy drinks rather chose nuts and fruit with some sparkling water or herbal teas.

2 – Eating out is usually where the extra calories take you by surprise as you are not actually aware of how the food is prepared, when picking food of the menu try asking for any sauces or dressings separately with will help you control the quantity.

3 – Try avoiding adding sugar to your warm drinks, if it’s very cold you might find yourself drinking a few cups a day and all that sugar really adds up.

4 – New Year’s eve usually comes hand in hand with quite a bit of drinking, if you’re going to drink try stay away for the drinks that are packed with sugars especially your mix drinks. A few vodka cokes could send your diet right out the window.

5 – Keep active! I am in a bus for most of my holiday I need to make sure then when I’m off it I’m doing as much activity as possible, even if it’s a walk after dinner each night.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and I’ll see you all in 2012!!!!



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    Will there be any sort of a cure for everybody? I feel the answer will be sure. Apparently

    pretty much all we need is definitely a little bit of diet and exercise. We pretty much

    all really need to get started with performing

    it Right away!

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