The training has eventually begun

After my last post I managed to get some weird virus and it put me out of gym for a few days. All is well now and I managed to do my first training session at the gym last night for my running challenge.


I have decided to approach the first two weeks in a more relaxed manor and instead of setting myself targets everyday on how far or long I should run on the treadmill I am going to set myself the “no look challenge”.

I’m sure I’ve got you all confused now, let me explain. I find every time I run on the treadmill I stare at the screen and either I keep thinking “oh no, its only been 2minutes I’m going to die” or “oh my word I’ve run for more then 2 minutes I must be tied by now” and ultimately a few seconds later I have reduced to a walk.


To avoid this I’m setting the “no look challenge”. I’m going to do my warm up and then set the treadmill to a
nice jogging pace, I’m not allowed to look at the screen from here on, just keep on jogging if I feel tied I’m going to see how far I can push through.


Let’s see how it goes.


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