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Week Two Challenge

Get Moving


If we are going to start shaping our body’s the way we want to look we need to start getting our blood pumping. I think all of us would love to do as little as possible and still get fit but lets be honest our sexy summer  body are not just going to be handed to us.

This week’s challenge is to get some cardio into your day, weather it’s a jog after work or walking to the next bus stop, START MOVING!

I personally have found a lovely 2 km route from where I stay to Clapham common and will be attempting to jog as much of it as I can at least 4 times this week.

Don’t forget to keep doing week ones challenge – I have found that I’m not as out of breath once I reach the top of the escalator and now quiet enjoy walking up them.


Week One Challenge

Living in London I’m sure must of you know the feeling of the commute to and from home on the Tube. We all become mindless zombies just following the person in front of us. We get to the escalator and we stand there, the only though in some of our minds is remembering to keep left and most of us don’t even have to think about it as there are about 101 signs telling us what to do.

This week’s challenge is to make your own choices, fight the signs! DO NOT KEEP LEFT! All we have to do is walk up and down the escalator. Besides for the bonus of toning those beach bums for the summer you will probably find you get where you are going quicker.

Weekly challenge

In order to achieve my goal within the next six months I need to start making changes as soon as possible. I have decided to set myself a weekly challenge, just one small change a week to help me towards the fitness goal. I was going to wait for Monday so that I could start the first challenge in a fresh week but then realise we are all going to start something on Monday and most of us never do. Once we miss the Monday start point we then decide that we have to wait for the following one, before we know if we are in a vicious cycle.

So to break the cycle I have decided to start my first challenge TODAY, there is no better day then a Thursday.

Hello world! – A change for the better

I think I can speak for most of us when I say that we all would like to lead a healthier lifestyle. I know that I have tried to do this for most of my life.

For me it’s not only to say I live healthily but to also look it. I have been on and off diets and gym workouts like most of us. I manage to drop down to my idea weight but once that happened I start eating and living the way I did before and in a matter of weeks I’m back to that size I never wanted to be. I think its because we try to change our diets to drastically, lets be honest non of us are going to give up chocolate for the rest of our lives so why do we all look for these quick fixes?

For me it’s a mental thing, I push gym and dieting so hard and once I’ve reached my “goal weight” I realise I’ve spent the last few months being absorbed in my workout that I almost rebel against it. Everything in our lives is a routine, we wake up, go to work, come home, cook dinner, go to sleep and repeat. That when it comes to doing a little exercise we look at it like it’s another thing to add to the list of things we have to do.

I have just relocated to London from South Africa and I am trying to look at life in a different light, I have managed to stop smoking for almost a year now and realised how after being a smoker for almost 10 years and saying that it was something I would always be, stopping has become the easiest thing I have ever did.

If I can stop smoking and never look back I have come to realise maybe I can change my lifestyle to a healthier one and maybe this time keep off the weigh.

I decided to start this blog because I recently visited my local doctor to have a health check up, she asked me to stand on the scale, and while I have always known I am not the smallest lady, I have always rated myself “the average woman”. I was horrified to find out I now weighed more then my boyfriend who is not the smallest person at all.

She told me I was 16kg over my BMI and that I should consider losing some weight.

So I have considered it and I am taking on a new approach I want to make realistic changes in my like to lose this weigh once and for all, no more make shift diets or short term fixes. This is it,

I’m changing for the better.

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