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The Sun is shining and summer seems to be on its way!

Vitamin D is probably the most important vitamin in my life at the moment, it is my little bit of happy juice. Growing up in a country that is for most part of the year warm and sunny I never knew how the weather played with my emotions until living in London. The experiences and culture are amazing and there is always something new happening but living without the sun for so many months really does something to you. I find myself grumpy and always complaining about something, it also takes away motivation to get out of bed.


The last few days have been sunny and summer seems to have arrived. You can see the changes a little bit of this extraordinary vitamin can do. People are smiling and less grumpy, they are walking, cycling and jogging to work, people want to get out of bed and make the most of these sunny days.


Life is good, when the sun shines!!!!

Exciting times ahead!

 On some of my previous post I mentioned that I was looking to make a change in my working career and that I was going to studying!

Well over the last few months a lot has changed, I have enrolled in an online learning course that focuses on web development, learning everything from HTML to Java and also covers some design elements like photoshop.

 I have had a bit of a slow start but I’m sure from next week I can really put some time aside to learning as much as I can.

On another interesting note I am also looking to change careers, and somehow this amazing opportunity has presented itself, tomorrow night I will be meeting with a potentially new employee, so very exciting times ahead.

One thing that has taken a little of a back seat is my training and gym time. With all these new things on my plate I’m finding it much harder to make time for the gym and due to this my healthy diet had also seem to have flown out the window! Trying to learn how to juggle all these new aspects of my life is proving to be quiet difficult but it’s all about learning so I’m sure I will be able to structure it all back into place soon.


 Who decides what’s fashionable or not?

I really want to have a word with them, because I really don’t feel that skinny jeans makes anyone look good unless you’re a size 2 with no hips or ass and have never done any sport in your life so that your calf muscles are super small.

I have been out shopping and must of tried on 100 pairs and none of them look good.

I have however found the best alternative, they look like skinnies to most people but don’t squeeze the life out of you. It’s almost guaranteed not to make you muffin top!!!

They are called straight cut Jeans, TRY THEM!!!!!

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