A challenge within a challenge!

As you all are aware my overall challenge is to lose 20kg and be a healthier slimmer me. I have looked at different ways of keeping myself on track and motivated throughout the challenge and noticed that when I have set myself smaller goals within this challenge I have fulfilled them quiet quickly and it has felt great achieving these mini challenges.


Any mini challenge you set for yourself will keep you on track to your overall goal but it will add a little extra fun and fulfilling them will keep you motivated and inspired to achieve the ultimate goal!


I have come to notice that although I am losing weight my fitness is very low, obviously I’m more fit then I was when I started but i  still am in no shape to run a marathon or climb up Kilimanjaro if you know what I mean!


My next mini challenge I have decided to set for myself is a running challenge. I’m going to take part in a small 10km charity run. At the moment i can run for about two minutes on the treadmill before I feel like
I’m going to die.

The challenge is set, I’m going to increase my running fitness for a charity run early December. This will not only increase my fitness but will be a huge help towards the ultimate goal.


Wish me luck, the training begins tomorrow!


Any training tips are welcome!


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  1. Good luck, good luck! What a wonderful plan, not only for you to increase your fitness, but to help out a charity while doing so. Running was definitely key to my own weight loss, and it comes full of milestones to meet. You can look forward to being excited by running your first mile, by running your first 5k and by completing your first 10k, not to mention achieving time and pace goals! I’ve had a lot of luck with the training plans on the Cool Running site. I’d also recommend starting with the Couch to 5k program (if you’re starting at running 2 minutes this is a perfect plan), and then once you’ve completed that, adding on extra distance in the format of the plan to get you to 10k. Again, good luck!

  2. Good looking site as well as a great read. I am look foward to my next . Quick question, how did you come up with the site?

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