Give up short term pleasure for long term happiness!

It seems everyone I work with celebrates a October birthday, which makes the office very festive and social, But… With all these birthdays comes loads of cakes, after work drinks and ultimately bad news for anyone on a healthy diet.


So here is my trick to not packing on the pounds, learn to say NO!


I’m not saying I haven’t indulged in a piece of cake, my will power is not that good. But I’ve learnt when to stop and how to say NO!!! Sweets, cakes and chocolates are a short term pleasure, yes amazing as you are eating it but a few minutes after finishing it  the only thing you are left with is the gilt of eating it.


Think about the last time you had a piece of cake, and now think about how you felt an hour after you ate it. I’m sure you had already forgotten about the piece an hour later. Now if you hadn’t had that piece of cake you would feel the same, maybe even better.


So giving up a short term pleasure to reach your long term goal of a super sexy you is worth every piece of cake missed.


When you want to indulge in a naughty treat pretend there is a little sugar monster inside you, the only way
to get rid of the monster is to not feed it. Every time you say NO the monster dies a little. To reach a thinner you, you have to make sure you kill the monster (a little sadistic I know, but trust me it works)


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