The power of positive thinking

I hear people say ” I haven’t  found myself yet.” But I believe its not something you find its something you create!!!


In the past few months I have felt very empowered and learned that with some hard work anything is possible. I have come to realise that my life can go in any direction I want it to as long as I am willing to do the work to get me there.


Its not so much about working hard, and more about working smart. You may not agree with me but I feel that at least 60% of hard work is created by our thoughts and not by the actual work in hand.


We spend more time thinking and procrastinating about what we have to do, if we just got down and did it, it would take half the time and we would experience a lot less stress. My father always says ” your life is created by your thoughts” think positive and positive things will happen to you. I believe him more and more every day.


I decided to make a change a few months ago and moved jobs. I wasn’t enjoying working for the company I was with and decided to look elsewhere. Well I have since moved companies and now realised the grass is not always greener on the other side. I have also realised it was not so much the company I was in but the actual job I was doing.


I never studied after leaving high school, the thought always scared me. I am not a very academic person and I always was scared I would fail. My biggest dream has been to be in a creative position and I’ve decided that I am going to do a few part time courses in graphics design. The only way to for fill my dream is to start taking steps to get me there!


I have found the first course I want to do, I will be starting on the 5th November and will attend Saturday classes for the next three months. Wish me luck!!!



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