Today I had my monthly weigh in, all my hard work is paying off, I’m seeing results and feeling good. (Have a look at my “log book” page)


I’ll be honest I think I could be seeing better results as I didn’t push myself as hard this past month. Hitting a little brick wall on the motivation front and finding myself a lot more attracted to “junk” food.


But today is all about the positive! I’m almost in the seventies!!!! I can’t believe it. People are commenting on how great I look and my clothes are showing it to.


I have been reflecting on how much I have accomplished so far this year and WOW, I really should be impressed with myself.

1. I stopped smoking and have not looked back (it’s been a year and four months already)

2. I sold all my belongings, reduced all life to a 30kg bag and moved to another country where I have started for filling my dream of travelling the world

3. I turned vegetarian and I’m loving it.

4. I started this challenge and am really seeing results! By the end of January I want to have reached my goal of losing a total of 20kg.


It feels great to see that I am changing my life for the better! Can’t wait to see what else this year has install for me!


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