Start thinking…

I know I have been MIA for a few days but I have a good excuse…

I have had the Flu, I know it’s almost as bad as “my dog ate my homework” but I really have been sick. After my gym session last Wednesday I managed to come down with the flu and have only really got better today. I found it so hard to avoid the gym; it’s almost like an addiction. I only went back yesterday and loved it but realised how missing so much gym due to my holiday and the flu had brought my fitness down.

I seem to almost have to start another mini challenge of getting myself back to where I was.

It’s so hard to keep it all going, gym and fitness is like a life time commitment.

I have been thinking about it a lot lately, am I going to have to go to gym forever? Will I ever be the weight I want to be? Is there actually an end? I have decided the answer comes hand in hand, it’s a yes and no. I don’t think it will ever end and I suppose I will always have to go to gym, (if not gym then some other means of exercise) this is all due to our lifestyles, back in the day people where a lot more active. Men where hunters
and woman gatherers and that made for daily exercise. Now days the most gathering woman do is the daily gossip and a man’s form of hunting is probably killing zombies on his X-box (not very active).

With all the fast food that is so high in calories, salt and bad fats we are almost sentenced to a life of being overweight.

I think it’s just up to everyone as individual to put in the time for themselves. I also think you need to constantly question yourselves and others; do I need that chocolate bar? If I eat that many calories am I going to be able to burn them? Or even how healthy are my meal options?



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