Back to being motivated!

Ok I’m back to being motivated!

Went for all my measurements today and had good results, I have lost 4kg of body fat and managed to reduce my total body fat percentage by 3.2%!! The biggest result is my hips; I have lost a total of 7cm! So exciting.


I have decided to not go clothing shopping until I have reached my goal weight or when my current cloths are un-wearable. This has been really difficult as I LOVE to shop but it has been a good motivator. Today I decided
to go and do a little window shopping, you know one of those “this is what I’m going to buy when I’m thin”. While I was there I thought I’ed try on a pair of jeans in a size smaller then I usually get just to see, and YAH, they fit, a little tight


I am so motivated for this challenge!


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