Keeping it going.

When using the quick fix diets you tend to see results right away and feel great, the problem is that these quick fixes are usually some completely crazy diet were you practically eating nothing and within a few weeks you back to your old eating habits and you have put all the weight on again.

The one nice thing about those quick fixes is that you are seeing huge results in a matter of days, now that I am doing the right thing and making it a life change I am finding it hard to keep motivated when the
results now take longer to show.

I know I have lost weight but because I am also building muscles the scales are not showing much of a weight loss. On Wednesday im having a full weight and measurements so we can then see the results.

Im hoping that I have lost a few centre metres and that should keep me a little more motivated for a little longer.

I’ll give you an update on Wednesday; let’s hope its good results!

Off to spinning tonight, im LOVING it- Its addictive!


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