Two weeks down….

It’s officially been two weeks of hard work out and the right eating habits and I can already feel the results. The first difference is that I didn’t completely die at my personal training session this morning, which is a huge bonus!

I have managed to do four training sessions and three spinning classes, and I a SUPER impressed with myself! It makes a huge difference to keep motivated when you know someone is waiting for you and is there showing you the right exercises.

Ok, let’s be honest there have been days where Alex has pushed me so hard that I’ve wanted to tell him where he can “stick the extra few stomach crunches” or the “extra push up” . It’s all worth it though when you start noticing the changes with your body. For the first time is a few years I can say I officially have BICEPS!!!  I can’t wait for the day when I don’t have “Opera Arms”.. hee hee

My challenge this weekend is to try keep up with the low calorie diet, I always find it harder on the weekend because most of the time you are not at home and it’s difficult to find the right foods.

Well let’s see if I can do it.


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