New Challenge

Sometime one has to face the realisation that they cant do it alone. I took on a fitness challenge to get myself fit without the use of a gym. As you may see by my blog that lasted a hole of six days.

So I’ve changed the challenge, to get FIT, HEALTHY and the most important SLIM by any way possible.

On Monday I decided to sign up for a free 1 day pass to FitnessFirst in Covent Gardens and LOVED IT. The staff were friendly the equipment new and all in all I had a great workout. After enquiring about the cost involved I thought it was a little pricey so I decided to do a little research on other gyms in the area, and came to the conclusion that FitnessFirst is value for money. With all the facilities and convenience it was the best option for me. On Tuesday I took the big step and signed up, was very surprised to see all the added extras that come with the membership.

OK, I have to confess I’m a sucker for free things but loved the new fitness bag, water bottle and gym towel I got straight away. I was then informed I had three free personal traniner sessions, Health advice, and a full guide to getting fit.

This morning was my first session with the trainer. Lets just say, I think I’m going very stiff tomorrow. Alex was amazing he was helpful, friendly and had all the advise I was looking for.

Friday is day two… will keep you updated on how it goes, that is if I can get out of bed tomorrow.


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